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Let your toddlers thrive through our engaging and entertaining Toddler Time art!

Our Toddler Time art class is great for ages 2-5yrs old. These fun classes nurtures your child with creativity, self-expression and crucial brain development that will last a lifetime. Known to be a favorite educational activity for toddlers and parents alike, our toddler art classes guide children step by step in creating their very own art projects to proudly exhibit at home! 

In every Toddler Time art class your child will receive the crucial and developmental benefits of art, including: healthy expression of emotions, enhanced fine motor skills, greater concentration, enhanced self-esteem, healthy social skills, and cognitive problem solving skills.

These classes allow your child to engage in entertaining expressive art activities with hands-on art projects, singing, story time, play-doh, and more!

To save your child’s spot please look under the tab “Upcoming classes” and find the class you would like to RSVP your child for!

*Classes are posted one month at a time*

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